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Stilvolles Get-together | Joy, Delights & Inspiration

The Stilvolles Get-together offers you an event for an inspiring exchange in a pleasant atmosphere with Live Music and Entertainment to enjoy joy, delights & inspiration. With this event series I am happy to give you the possibility to participate at my passion for event planning.

To give an appropriate framework each event is based on an individual theme. Let yourself be surprised of the upcoming event dates and its topics.

Next Date:
Soon in March/April: VINTAGE CAFÉ on a Sunday afternoon
Of course I will organize your individual Get-together – just ask me for further information: sina@stilvolles-event.de / +49 151 50656706.

Impressions of 7th Stilvolles Get-together | Vintage Brunch on 25 November 2018 at Direktorenhaus, Sayner Hütte 1, Bendorf-Sayn

Details here

Impressions of 6th Stilvolles Get-together | Vintage Café on 4 March 2018 at HERZBLUT – Wohnen, Mode & Genuss, Bad Honnef

Details here

Impressions of 5th Stilvolles Get-together | Design Café on 8 October 2017 at Atelier Dana Nettlich, Koblenz-Winningen

Details here









Impressions of 4th Stilvolles Get-together |  Kreativ-Aperitiv on 11 Juni 2017 at Mercato Leo’s Arte e Cucina, Bonn Bad-Godesberg:



Detail hier

Impressions of 3rd Stilvolles Get-together | Kreativ-Kaffee on 19 March 2017 at Sayner Hütte 1, Bendorf-Sayn:

Details here












Impressions of 2nd Stilvolles Get-together | Celebrating New Year on 14 January 2017 at Altstadt Hotel & Café Koblenz:

Video here

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-7 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-8

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-9 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-10 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-11

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-12 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-13 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-14

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-15 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-2 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-6

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-4 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-3 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-5

Impressions of 1st Stilvolles Get-together on 11 December 2016 at Photo Atelier Daniel Kondradiuk Photography in Coblence/Vallendar:

stilvolles-get-together-3 stilvolles-get-together-18 stilvolles-get-together-42

stilvolles-get-together-52 stilvolles-get-together-56 stilvolles-get-together-63

stilvolles-get-together-61 stilvolles-get-together-73 stilvolles-get-together-19