Stilvolles Get-together | Joy, Delights & Inspiration

Stilvolles Get-Together | Experience Joy, Treat & Inspiration.

The Stilvolles get-together usually takes place on a Sunday afternoon and is aimed at anyone who enjoys joy, treat and inspiration in a beautiful ambience. A small but fine group of exhibitors with selected designs and culinary delights will ensure an inspiring exchange in a relaxed atmosphere with live music.

To give the event its special frame, each get-together is based on a different theme, inspired by the location and with inspiring vendors to fill the event with love and life.

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Registration by e-mail or via Eventbrite. Details can be found under News

We are happy to organize your individual get-together or event – just contact us: / +49 151 50656706.

Impressions of 7th Stilvolles Get-together | Vintage Brunch on 25 November 2018 at Direktorenhaus, Sayner Hütte 1, Bendorf-Sayn

Details here

Impressions of 6th Stilvolles Get-together | Vintage Café on 4 March 2018 at HERZBLUT – Wohnen, Mode & Genuss, Bad Honnef

Details here

Impressions of 5th Stilvolles Get-together | Design Café on 8 October 2017 at Atelier Dana Nettlich, Koblenz-Winningen

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Impressions of 4th Stilvolles Get-together |  Kreativ-Aperitiv on 11 Juni 2017 at Mercato Leo’s Arte e Cucina, Bonn Bad-Godesberg:



Detail hier

Impressions of 3rd Stilvolles Get-together | Kreativ-Kaffee on 19 March 2017 at Sayner Hütte 1, Bendorf-Sayn:

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Impressions of 2nd Stilvolles Get-together | Celebrating New Year on 14 January 2017 at Altstadt Hotel & Café Koblenz:

Video here

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-7 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-8

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-9 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-10 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-11

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-12 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-13 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-14

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-15 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-2 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-6

Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-4 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-3 Stilvolles-Event-Get-together-Koblenz-2017-5

Impressions of 1st Stilvolles Get-together on 11 December 2016 at Photo Atelier Daniel Kondradiuk Photography in Coblence/Vallendar:

stilvolles-get-together-3 stilvolles-get-together-18 stilvolles-get-together-42

stilvolles-get-together-52 stilvolles-get-together-56 stilvolles-get-together-63

stilvolles-get-together-61 stilvolles-get-together-73 stilvolles-get-together-19